Harry Potter GoF: what did the lead Durmstrang do with his staff?

It’s Saturday. I’m bored & lonely. So I’m watching HP:GoF. Early in the film, when the Durmstrang boys make their entrance, the lead boy has a staff. As they all do, and when they beat them in rhythm on the ground, their base tips emit sparks. But towards the end of their entrance, the lead boy leans forward and the whole bunch then rushes forward. Everyone seems to retain their staff but the lead boy. Where did his staff go? Did he drop it on the ground? Make it magically disappear? Or what? What was the importance of the staffs anyway? Magic people have wands, not staffs. These boys seemed to have both.

I haven’t read the books. Did those staffs have any importance?

Yes, it’s Saturday and I’m bored. But I still wonder. That’s one of the coolest film entrances I’ve seen in a long time.

They’re cool.

I don’t recall their staffs having any importance in the book. It seems to me this was total moviemaker embellishment.

But it did look cool.

My favorite part was the sudden breakdance.

They walk in, speaking some intimidating chant, pounding their staffs on the ground, looking tough, and then…jumpyspinnydancefun!!!

Every time I watch that scene, with the Beauxbatons girls all dreamy and butterflies and the Durmstrangs with their fancy sparky sticks, I wonder what kind of show the Hogwarts kids would have come up with if they were the visitors. Impressing everyone with their acne doesn’t seem to quite cut it.

“Hogwarts, you just got served.”

:slight_smile: I always think that too. How come those other kids are so cool? What would Hogwarts do? Just shuffle in, collectively push up their nerd glasses and fumble with their books nervously?

Well presumably we’re talking about the cream of each Wizard School (and Fleur certainly qualifies under that description!).

So Hogwarts would enter on a flight of Hippogriffs (trained by Hagrid), whereupon George and Fred Weasley would unleash a stream of practical jokes, while Hermoine rattles off a suitably well-researched speech off welcome. Plus they’ve got … that boy with a scar :eek: :cool:

Speaking of Hagrid, I recall in the first movie Hagrid used his umbrella on Harry’s bratty little cousin, or whoever that is.

So other objects can be used to channel magical-ness, besides wands?

I’m just hung-up on this Durmstrang staff thing. Did they all escape from Lord of the Rings? See, staffs are important there.

Hagrid’s broken wand is contained within his umbrella’s handle.

For those who didn’t read the book, in the book Durmstrang is not an all-boys school and Beauxbatons is not an all-girls school. Both send a delegation of both boys and girls, and they don’t make a choreographed entrance.

I say this so everyone knows that Fleur actually beat out some boys to get chosen to represent her school. And in the book she wasn’t quite such a loser.

Indeed, what would the Hogwarts students do to make an entrance if it were their turn? They don’t seem to have any kind of Art, Theater, etc. instruction at all, not even English or Foreign Languages. And would all the ugly ones have to stay behind?

For that matter, when the Beauxbatons and Durmstrangs arrived, they showed off gymnast tumbling skills. It seems the other schools include physical training along with magical. Hogwarts OTOH, has no physical training, other than Quidditch, which only a few participate in. But all the schools play Quidditch, otherwise there wouldn’t be a Quidditch World Cup.

Hogwarts students really don’t seem to study anything but magic. So if they were to make an impressive entrance, I’d hope there would be some pretty impressive magic. I’m dubious though. Maybe if the Hogwarts team was comprised primarily from Slytherin, with Severus Snape as headmaster. Those guys could probably come up with something that at least looked impressive.

My theory is that the Hogwarts entrance would consist of Harry shuffling in and going “'Sup?”

Because, let’s face it, the Boy Who Lived is pretty much the most impressive thing Hogwarts has to offer. :slight_smile:

Actually I suspect that the Hogwarts’ students’ specialty would probably run along the lines of Extended Aerial Precision Potter Thwarting and Mockery:

Harry: (runs in and declares loudly) Voldemort has another plan to destroy everyone!

All The Other Students Except Hermione and the Redheaded Kid: (fly in on broomsticks and circle Harry in close formation, then shout in unison) WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU!

Harry: You’re all in terrible danger!


Harry: The sky is made of air! The ground contains dirt!


(continue until four pages before the end of the book)

Dammit, Terrifel, the rest of us haven’t read book 7 yet!

This is exactly what I’ve noticed in the books. Not much in the way of natural sciences; History of Magic but not history outside the wizarding world - which is odd given how tiny the wizarding world is; no required mathematics courses (Hermione takes “arithmancy” which is presumably some sort of math, but it’s an elective); no classes in art and culture whatsoever - not even an elementary English literature and composition class. Harry and friends are actually very poorly educated compared to a muggle high school student.

You mean Jack Bauer is American for Harry Potter?

Professor Snape, you have to let me out of detention today. I can’t explain why. You’ll just have to trust me. Do it now, OR MILLIONS OF WIZARDS WILL DIE!

I don’t know that it’s quite that bad. They do study Astronomy, and Potions is probably a pretty fair match for Chemistry, as well as what amounts to a botany course. And I think all three of those were required. Not to mention, of course, all of the magic classes, which arguably qualify as science (from a wizarding point of view). There are (alas) Muggle high schools which don’t require three science classes. And on the phys ed front, everyone’s required to take flying classes, not just those on the Quidditch teams: Remember, Hermione was present at the only flying class we’ve seen in the books.

I’d suppose they actually do study regular subjects. It’s just we never see it, even just briefly. Who wants to watch Harry Potter struggling over his math quiz? I guess if you’re a kid, it’s fun imagining there’s a school out there that only requires you to study fun stuff. Sitting through yet another hour of social studies is boring. Being “forced” to sit through yet another boring hour of Defense Against the Dark Arts is way cooler.