harry potter - order of the phoenix question (spoilers!)

In the 9 page thread some of these points were touched upon, but a) that thread is too long already and b) I’d like to concentrate my questions in one thread.

What’s the big deal with the prophecy?

In terms of Harry finding out about the prophecy, there’s not much he didn’t already know. He certainly knew V was after him, and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t mind killing him, considering what V did to his parents. Harry has a lot of anger in this book towards people he blames for Sirius’s death (I don’t really get why he’s so angry at Snape in the end - he should have known then that Snape wouldn’t reveal himself as a member of the Order to Umbridge - Harry himself was speaking in code - and Dumbeldore even tells him that Snape helped.) So why wouldn’t he want to kill V? And certainly why would he worry that if he did so he would become a “murderer”?

But even more difficult for me is what was the big deal about the prophecy for V? Let’s say he found it. How would that have helped him? How was it a weapon for either side?

Considering that V doesn’t know the books are named after Harry, he probably expects Dumbledore to defeat him in the end. Once he gets his hands on the prophecy he’d realise that he can only be killed by Harry - he wouldn’t have anything to fear from Dumbledore any more and could pretty much stroll into Hogwarts and start murdering people without suffering too much harm.

Also, knowing that, conversely, Harry can only be killed by him, he’d stop sending out incompetant minions against him, since they’d always fail. (Actually, he’s been pretty good with his incompetant minions. The only time a Death Eater has tried to kill Harry was during the Chamber of Secrets diary/Basilisk thing, and we don’t know if that was authorised by V himself…)

Actually, Lucius Malfoy tries to kill him more directly at the end of the movie Chamber of Secrets, but that’s the same point as above. Did he know then that V needed Harry arrive for that ritual in Goblet of Fire?

Bah, remembered the next relevant part:

The “while the other lives neither shall have life” part tells V that he has to kill Potter as soon as possible, because he’s not getting anywhere before Harry is out of the picture. So he has to focus on killing Harry to the exclusion of everything else, and he can afford to! Nobody else can kill him.