Harry's Law 4/8/12 - Was there a skipped episode before this one? (second try to post)

(Possible spoilers.) On 4/8/12, Harry’s Law started with several short scenes, which appeared to be from previous episodes. But there was no voice over, no title card, and no subtitle saying “Previously on Harry’s Law.”

Some of the scenes could be from an old episode which I have forgotten. (It happens.) But some of the scenes would seem to be from the immediately preceding episode, especially a trial scene from a trial about an abusive husband killed by a booby trap which is still in progress in the 4/8/12 episode.

I checked Internet sites which have episode descriptions. They described the episode I remember as being the previous episode, and they don’t mention the booby trap trial. They list the next episode as being the one shown on 4/8/12.

So did they skip an episode?

Many years ago, O Best Beloved, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had a couple of episodes involving the use of firearms at the high school. But real life tragic events occurred at schools shortly before the episodes were to have been shown, so they showed one later, out of order, and postponed the other, intended to be the season finale, until the next fall, IIRC.

Did the network or the producers of Harry’s Law decide an episode was too timely or too gruesome or something and just skip the episode? Anybody know?


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