Harry's Law 4/8/12 - Was there a skipped episode before this one? (spoilers, I suppose)

The episode of Harry’s Law shown in the US on 4/8/12 starts with several short scenes, which seem to be scenes from a previous episode or two. But there is no voice-over, no title card, nor any subtitle saying “Previously, on Harry’s Law.”

Some of these scenes could easily be from an episode months ago, one that I have somehow forgotten. (It happens.) But the others, involving a case where an abusive husband is killed by a booby trap, would most logically have been from the immediately preceding episode. One scene is from a trial which is still in progress in the 4/8/12 episode.

But I’ve seen the previous episode, and it does not include that trial. I’ve checked some internet sites with episode lists, and they all describe the previous episode as the one I remember watching. No booby trap trial is mentioned in the descriptions of the episode, and I don’t remember seeing any such trial.

So did they skip an episode?

Many years ago, O Best Beloved, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” had a couple of episodes involving the use of firearms at the high school. These were originally scheduled to run on dates which turned out to be shortly after some tragic real life events at schools. They wound up showing one episode out of order and postponing the other, meant to be the season finale, until the next fall, IIRC.

I’m wondering if the network or the producers decided that something in one episode of Harry’s Law was too timely or too gruesome or something, and they just skipped it. Anybody know?


I saw the episode those scenes are from. I can’t verify episode titles however as IMDB is woefully behind on this series.

tvrage.com has what appears to be all past episodes and two future episodes of Harry’s Law. Is “After the Lovin’” (3/11/12) the episode with the booby trap? I’m not sure I saw that episode.


Yes, I just read the recap and After the Lovin was the episode you missed. It’s worth going back for although if you watched this weeks the ending isn’t much of a twist.

Thanks Moonlitherial.