What IS Harvey? I can’t remember the word piku? paku? The few sites I have found that mention him claim he is IMAGENARY so I don’t think I would trust them even if they metioned his species. I am afraid to look it up in a dictionary. And I lost Mr Dowd’s card so I can’t contact him. Pookee?

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The word is “Pookah” (there are probably other spellings). It’s a Irish (or English) legend, and doesn’t necessarily have to be a rabbit. (In Peter Beagle’s TAMSIN, a pookah appears in the form of a black pony, and seems to be able to take on any form). I don’t know how closely “HARVEY” follows the legends other than using the name.

Read “Sundials” in the new issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.

Seen by crackpots, tosspots and hello Mr. Wilson.

Unfortunately, Shawn couldn’t even get an imaginary rabbit to hang out with him for more than five minutes or so.

isn’t it "how are you, mr wilson’, Asey? It don’t matter but I was ascared to look it up.Thanks chuck. I went by the Dowds, but Elwood had gone to Washington with some angel. I did have a nice bacon and onion sandwich( without mayo) , cooked on their Maytag range.
Hmm i looked it up anyway at onelook and this is all I got Sorry, “pookah” was not found,mr john.

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

When Wilson reads from the dictionary, he reads: “Pookah, from old Celtic mythology. A fairy spirit in animal form, always very large… fond of crumbpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr Wilson?”

You’re all invited to dinner tomorrow night, I’m entertaining a few friends. Let me give you one of my cards. If you should want to call me, call me at this number, not that number, that’s the old one.

One of my favorite movies. :slight_smile:

Oh, how I miss Jimmy Stewart.

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One of my favorite movies too. I’m sure I’ve seen that word spelled “pwca” or “pwcca,” but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m going to keep looking too. Now I’m curious.

Crumbs! I’m terrible at quoting - I always remember the gist but never the exact words. I think I’ll take a few weeks off and go to Akron, Ohio.

One of the two movies I actually own on videotape.

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This page:

says ‘Pwcca’ is Welsh for ‘Puck’.


One of the great movies! I was sure the spelling was “pooka”, and so it is.

See http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/mythology/24082 , for example.

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Jimmy Stewart’s home town of Indiana, Pennsylvania has a JS museum. Like damn near ever’body these days, they have a website: http://www.jimmy.org. Take the virtual tour. Tell 'em Harvey sent ya.

Fighting my own ignorance since 1957.

You called?

HARVE!!! where you been? I was really glad to see you’d replied when I checked my email. You left your hat here again the other day. I couldn’t remember your last name so I couldn’t look you up. I only had Elwoods old number. If I am not here when you come by, your hat is in the wardrobe next to the looking glass.

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Rovin’s Fantasy Almanac (not necessarily the most voracious of sources, but it’s what I’ve got) spells it “Phouka” and says it’s an Irish pixie, “sometimes compared to the English Puck.” Also “Most of its frolics revolve around its ability to alter its shape.”

From An Encyclopedia of Fairies by Katherine Briggs (Pantheon,1976©):

She also notes that the pwca is the Welsh variant of the English Puck/Robin Goodfellow, but is alo associated with the will o’ the wisp.


I gonna accept Harvey’s spelling as he used it in his posting. I understand completly, Torq, sometimes i get into a reference and just get eaten up with curiosity going from referal to referal.Tomnnano and chris, I been in Ecorrespondence with Harvey, he assures me he is not a Welsh rabbit.His hat may have some holes in it but the rest of his wardrobe is not the least bit cheesy.Jab,as a favor to Donna Reed, I am still looking for Mr Dowd, I looked in a lot of towns in Penn.; Indiana( I heard he was running a small bank there, but no one even knew who he was),Wyoming( I even checked the social club on Cheyenne st.),and Philadelphia (where he had been ringing a bell). Some one said he had lost all spirit cause some one chopped down a lil forrest somewhere and had gone to St.Louis.If you see him tell him Harve is involved in an incedent from the Texas Revolution and as crazy as it sounds is temporarily a raven though not a lunatic.

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Just to wander off-topic for a moment, John Varley’s book The Golden Globe features a protagonist whose best friend is a hallucination named Elwood. Yes, that Elwood.

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No wonder I couldn’t find Elwood. He halucinated himself into a globular book. I had it here all the time but it rolled off the shelf. Thanx bob. Say, do you know this bob? http://www.octane.com/Parodyville/askbob/ he’s a general specialist instead of a random expert. The two of you should be able to answer anything.Cecil could take a vacation.

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