Has a foreign agent ever become democratically elected?

We all know about Aldrich Ames and other stories of traitors and spies working within the government. More interesting to me is the concept of an enemy agent running for political office and being democratically elected by the people. Has this ever occurred in the US or any other country? The election of self-serving warlords in third world countries might count, but only if the election was thought to be truly fair.

I recall several years ago a news article revealing that 12 U.S. SENATORS ARE SPACE ALIENS!. Allegations later confirmed by some of the senators themselves.

Does that count?
I got nuthin.

Dick Cheney is a robot.

(They didn’t say who controls him.)

Why bother? Anyone can lobby Congress. The lobbyists don’t have to be directly hired by foreign interests; there are enough people in the States supporting any nation on Earth who could hire lobbyists on their behalf.

(On edit: I’m not sure how effective a public servant would be as a mole.)

Is it your contention that there is no operative difference between lobbyists and Congressmen? How many lobbyists get to sit in on classified briefings by the Pentagon or the CIA in the House/Senate Intelligence Committee?

Well, Barack Hussein Obama, who (informed sources tell me) is a radical Muslim fifth column in the Democratic party, has a good chance of getting elected President. That would be a major coup for the terrorists.

Fans of The Illuminatus! Trilogy will tell you that Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati secretly replaced George Washington in the White House and it is his portrait on the US One Dollar bill.

I’m not sure if it’s what you have in mind, but Congressman Samuel Dickstein was proven in recent years to have sold information to the Soviets in the late 1930s

However, he appears to have not begun in these actions until after he began his service in Congress.

That’s an appropriate surname he’s got there.