Has a game ever been successfully appealed?

This incident has me wondering about appeals of games and games played under protest. I have never heard of an appeal being accepted and the game either replayed or the result changed. Has there ever been a big time sports league that has accepted an appeal of a game?

Yes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pine_Tar_Incident

The last successful protest was in 1986 for a game between St. Louis and Pittsburgh. St Louis was winning 4-1 in the top of the sixth inning when the game was called for rain after two delays. But the delays had been only 17 and 21 minutes, with a couple of pitches thrown in between. Pittsburgh protested because the rules require a wait of at least 75 minutes before calling a game after a first delay and 45 minutes for any subsequent delay. St. Louis won the continuation 4-2.

A few years ago there was an NBA game that was successfully appealed. I forget the details, but it had something to do with a player fouling out when he really only had 5 fouls. The player may even have been Shaq. The game was replayed from the point that the foul was called.

In the AFL a few years ago we had Sirengate.

There are 14 known, documented cases of Major League Baseball protests being upheld; here is the list.

This game should have been a successful appeal.

This has to be considered as one of the stupidest answers ever.

It’s not listed here but the New York Mets won an appeal of a game May 8, 1977 when the umpires called a game because of rain after seven innings. The Mets argued successfully that the umpires didn’t wait the proper amount of time (50 minutes or whatever it was). After MLB agreed, the Mets dropped the appeal because they were losing 10-0 at the time. Which makes you wonder why they bothered to appeal.

In Formula 1, the 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix was stopped early because of rain.Kimi Raikkonen was declared the winner but Jordan appealed and several days later Giancarlo Fisichella was declared the winner.

There are several NASCAR races that were appealed because of scoring problems or close finishes. The first Daytona 500 took three days before it was awarded to Lee Petty (no one was expecting a photo finish). The only win by a Black driver in NASCAR, Wendell Scott, was appealed, supposedly because they didn’t count his laps properly but they probably didn’t want him in Victory Lane to get his trophy and kiss the race queen.

Also a memorable and successful NBA protest, involving the Chicago Bulls in 1969-70; story here.

Does the NFL even have a mechanism for protesting a game? Given the nature of the schedule, resuming a game would be all but impossible.

And lets not forget the magical erasure of an entire seasons worth of results of an “M. Schumacher”.

Schumacher’s results in each individual race in the 1997 season still counted (thus he has 91 career wins rather than 86); when he was disqualified, the only thing he lost was his 2nd place finish in the world drivers championship.