Has a "Psychic" Ever Solved a Criminal Case?

I caught the tail end of a show on the HISTORY CHANNEL last night-it concerned the disappearance of a coast guard officer . He vanished after being seen at a New London CT bar. The local police investigated; after 6 months there were NO clues. The DA called in a psychic, who proceeded to identify places where the missing officer had been. Finally, she pinpointed a spot , off the local pier-divers then found the man’s body inside his car.
Now, the way the show was presented made me highly suspicious-they only showed the “good” information…but it made me wonder…yopu read about baffled police departments consulting “psychics”-is there ACTUALLY any documented cases where such a person has solved a crime?
I am reminded of the very embarrassing episode in the “Boston Strangler” case of the 1960’s-a Dutch psychic (Peter Hurkos) was calledin, and he generated NO useful leads for the policeinvestigators.