Has a U.S President ever lost his home state yet still won the election?

Has it ever happened?

Most recently Nixon if you are thinking of the Resident State.

Nixon became a corporate lawyer in New York after losing the California gubernatorial election in 1962, and lived at Manhattan’s Hotel Pierre for 5 or six years after that. But nobody in New York regarded him as one of their own.

Who did claim Mr Nixon?:wink:

(As you know, I think the OP was asking about legal residence; not “son of” status)

[rabid liberal]Al Gore in 2000.[/rabid liberal]


He actually carried his “home” “state.” Born, raised, and educated in DC.

I believe that for these purposes, “home state” means the state that the candidate himself or herself claims for the purposes of the election. Thus, Gore’s home state was Tennessee. I always thought that Nixon’s home state was California, but http://uselectionatlas.org/ seems to say that it was New York.

Well Reagan grew up in Illinois but was solidly identified with California, so I think the OP needs to be more specific. How about the state the candidate declared as his residence in the election (for example which state did he vote in during the election he ran for president)

Yeah, we need to know if by “home” you mean “officially lived there at the time of the election” or “born there”. George H.W. Bush, for instance, was born in Massachusettes and lost it in both the 1988 and 1992 elections. If you consider Texas to be his home state, as Wikipedia does, he won it in both elections.

In 1916, Woodrow Wilson carried the state that he was born in (Virginia), but lost his state of residence (New Jersey). So the answer to the OP is, Yes.