Has any major church/denomination blamed COVID on God's judgement?

I often see fundamental churches blaming a catastrophe on God’s wrath over something, usually abortion or the gay. I haven’t noticed it for COVID; have I just missed it? Because to me the most obvious source of God’s wrath is a certain orangish president.

Here’s an article from the Atlantic on the topic. Its from way back in April, when you only had 50,000 dead.

I don’t know much about American evangelical Christians so don’t know if any of the loons mentioned in the article count as ‘major’.

> A PASTOR who blamed pre-marital sex for Covid-19 branding it a “warning from God” has died from the virus.

It is The Sun, so it ight not be true!

In this area, the highly religious types appear to be convinced that The Lord will protect them from COVID-19, just like he He does from the flu. No vaccine necessary!

My opinion is that if they are so sure God will protect them why do they need all those guns?

To the contrary, Kenneth Copeland – supposedly the wealthiest preacher in the country – says COVID is the devil’s work.

To carry when protesting against the communist governor’s anti-religious mask mandate, of course!


Why would god be angry about, say, homosexuality when his omnipotence could simply prevent it? This is what I could never understand about these claims about god’s wrath.