Has anybody else tried the "Man Show" Beer? Did you like it?

I just tried some “Ziggy Socky” the official Man Show lager beer. Now, I’m not very fussy when it comes to barley pop…I’ll drink pretty much anything that’s brewed. But this stuff didn’t taste quite right. I don’t like it. anyone else try it? Give your review of it.

Please tell me where you got this beer. I will but it immediately, just to support the show.

Do you know if they donate any procedes to Foxy’s favorite charities, or anything?

I bought it at a liquor store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s actually labled “Ziggy Socky” and has a picture of a woman in a cut off shirt. The man show lable is on the neck of the bottle, and the phrase “GRAB A BEER AND DROP YOUR PANTS, SEND YOUR WIFE AND KID TO FRANCE, IT’S THE MAN SHOW”
is printed in large bold letters on the side. the beer is brewed by Panther Brewing out of Cold Springs, MN. I paid $4.50 for a 6 pack, that would equal $18 a case, so it’s very over priced. I bought it because I too love the Man Show, but let me repeat: this beer taste funny. I don’t like it.

Bad beer is better than no beer. :smiley:

Oy Oy Oy!

Maybe that is why Adam can never finish his beer at the end of the show? I always laugh at the faces he makes while trying to chug it.

That’s because every batch brewed has that midget dude swimming around in it before it’s bottled.

Did you detect a hint of garlic?

I like “Novelty Beer bottles” as much as the next guy…It’s “novelty Beer” that really requires Further Investigation…I will seek out the brew…(this is my kind of challenge)

Although I’m guessing it’s the stuff that was bottled as “Three Stooges Beer” a couple of years back. It was genuine though…because as soon as I took a sip it felt like someone poked me in the eyes.

I’m guessing that it has as much genuine beer character as the infamous “Billy Beer” from the 1970s…

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