Has anybody here tried appbackr?

Appbackr.com is a so-called “crowdfunding” website, where you can invest in in-development apps and supposedly profit once they actually begin to sell.

I’ve read some reviews; it seems some people are critical of the site’s record-keeping and speed of payment, but on the other hand, it has a favorable BBB rating, and I found nobody complaining that they actually lost money in the long run. It doesn’t appear to be an out-and-out scam anyway, and at first glance, this actually looks like a fairly safe thing to buy into.

Has anybody tried this, or heard any stories, good or bad? I’m intrigued.

Well, since this thread has gotten 390 views and 0 replies, I guess the answer is “no.”

But I’ll use my bump anyway just to see if anybody wants to chime in.