Has anybody read "Shutter Island" by Dennis Lehane?

What a wonderfully creepy and disturbing book! I just grabbed it off the ‘New Releases’ shelf at the library, without knowing anything about it or the author.
I usually don’t like books that try to screw with your mind, or have huge plot twists. But at the end, it made perfect sense, and doesn’t leave you hanging with a “what the hell was that?” feeling. The writing is unusually good for a mystery/pchycological thriller.

Unfortunately, after looking on amazon.com, this book is totally different from Lehane’s other books. I wanna be creeped out and disturbed some more dammit!

It’s the only book by Lehane I haven’t read yet, although I plan to get around to it soon. Yes, his other books are more mystery than ‘creepy’, but they’re very well-written, literary mysteries. He’s really a great writer; you should check out some of his other stuff, even you don’t think it’s necessarily what you’re looking for. Darkness, Take My Hand definitely has its creepy moments, though, so I’d recommend starting with that one, since that’s what you liked about Shutter Island.

BTW, the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed, Kevin Bacon/Tim Robbins/Sean Penn-starring film Mystic River, is from a Lehane book.