Has anybody tried NutriSystem?

Does it work?

Is the food as yummy as it looks?

I tried it not long ago, but I had to go off of it.

It’s nice because it’s a no-brainer. They send most of your food, which you supplement with fruit, vegetables and so forth. The food isn’t bad; the meals are, for the most part, heavily processed shelf-stable TV dinners. Some of the bars aren’t bad, either.

The downsides (which is what killed the whole thing for me) is that everything has a ton of fiber in it. If you have any sort of bowel problem (I have irritable bowel syndrome), life is going to get very interesting for you. For this reason, it’s important to drink lots of water. The other downside was that it’s restrictive. You eat their food and what’s on their list. Period. It gets old fast, and while they give tips on eating out, they don’t recommend it.

I ended up losing about 7 pounds. I stopped because of the aforementioned bowel issues. (I was so constipated that it was painful, and I was not willing to take a daily laxative.)


I’ve always wondered how expensive it is vs. buying food in the store. I’d give a decent monetary value to my prep time when buying food at the store, too.

I don’t think this system is for me but I have always wondered how much it costs.

It’s about $300 a month or so. It ain’t cheap.