Has anyone eaten at one of those 94th Aero Squadron restaurants?

MrWhatsit are attempting to plan a date night sometime in the next several months (“attempting” being the operative word, but I digress) and were wondering about these 94th Aero Squadron restaurants. There’s one in town, but I don’t know anyone who’s eaten there. I guess the idea is that they have picture windows looking onto the airport runways, which is cool, but not cool enough to make up for crappy food, if you follow. Anyone have any experience with this place?

The one in Denver (back in 1985, or thereabouts) was pretty good. I loved their french onion soup, and I was sad when they shut down.

Yes. It was a few years back, but I’ve eaten at the one in STL. It was… okay. The food was nothing spectacular, but not bad either. We were there at night, could see the planes landing and taking off… not terribly exciting, really.

Probably be more interesting for small kids. Or on a date (since at night, the dining area was kept dim to facilitate seeing out the windows).

It was business meals, so I wasn’t paying, and hence cannot recall whether the prices were reasonable, though.

The one at Port Columbus is really good, or was last I was there. (8-10 years ago or so). It is rather pricy, but worth it for a special event.

I’ve eaten at a couple. One was really good, the other was mediocre. So you’re probably rolling the dice on quality at your local one.

I ate at one in College Park about 25yrs ago. Food was good, but I was 20 so anything other than dorm food was good by that standard. Guess this doesn’t help much.

Forgot to add - loved the decor, though. It is worth it just for that, if you ask me.

I had lunch at that one about 6 years ago…I don’t remember the food, but the decor was cool if you dig aviation stuff.

I ate at the one at Palwaukee Airport - it was really, really good. Expensive, but good!

Huh. We have one here in San Diego, and I had no idea it was a chain.

I went to a wedding reception there, and the food? I have no memory of it (and I love food). So it didn’t seem remarkable or special to me at all.

Is this the same one that’s in Disney’s California Adventure?

If so, it was OK, not great.

The one in Denver was fabulous. The food was superb, interesting view of a busy airports main runway, terrific service and the decor amazing.

The one in San Diego was good. Not fabulous, but good. Good food, terrific service, great decor, boring view of a small airport. I’d go back there, and any others I stumble across.

I had a great brunch at The Air Transport Command in Delaware a few years ago. It’s one of the restaurants under the same parent company as 94th Aero Squadron.

I assume these are WW I themed? I ate in one in either Naperville or Lisle Illinois at the insistence of my boss about 20 years ago. It was a quiet weekday night, but it took over an hour and a half to get our food. No apologies, no nothing. I’d never go near one again.


You’re not talking about the Taste Pilot Grill, outside the Soaring over California ride, are you?

Or are you speaking of something in Downtown Disney?

Thanks for the advice, everybody. I also asked for advice from the Columbus Livejournal community and the reviews were extremely mixed. We were only moderately interested in the first place, so I think we’ll look elsewhere.