Has anyone else heard of the band Schnauser?

Last year my friend found a CD by a band called Schnauser in his house. He had no idea how it got there, he never had any recollection of owning it, nor did any of his other friends. The CD was cheaply made and the case inserts were clearly printed off an inkjet printer. We played the CD and we were blown away - Schnauser is amazing.

It’s hard to describe their sound. Their singer has a high voice, very clear and warm sounding, and the entire band is clearly very instrumentally talented, playing a whole range of music from ambient to bossa-nova to alternative rock, with amazing wall-of-sound guitar distortion, fluid bass playing, as well as synths in the background. I’d venture to say it’s one of the most musically-talented rock bands I have ever heard, in my life, and that includes the Beatles. Their lyrics, on the other hand, are more in the vein of They Might Be Giants, highly sarcastic and humorous - and they somehow mix perfectly with the music, instead of sounding awkward and weird.

Artic Monkeys, the band which is lately being highly lauded and even compared to the Beatles (with absolutely no justification) is shit compared to Schnauser. Most of the new wave of indie rock bands, in fact, are shit compared to Schnauser.

So why hasn’t anyone ever heard of them?

All of the people I know are in musical circles and have vast and extensive knowledge of current music, but nobody’s ever heard of Schnauser.

There is next to NOTHING about them on the internet. This web page is one of the only MENTIONS of Schnauser I’ve ever seen on the internet.

What the hell is the deal with Schnauser? Where are they really from? They can’t really be from Armenia, despite what that page says - they all have English accents. I really want to know. Has anyone else heard of them?

Dude, burning that CD was an act of selling out. They’re yesterday’s news. I cried about it for hours, and wrote about the experience on my LiveJournal page.

Nobody understands me.