Has anyone else's Chicago tap water smelled funny this weekend?

I live in Chicago proper, and I typically really like the tap water here. Since early Saturday morning (5/14), however, our tap water has given off a bad odor. I think it smells gassy, perhaps even with hints of cannabis odor. This is happening at all water fixtures in my place.

The water does not taste any different, I don’t think, although it can be a little tough to tell since the senses of taste and smell are so linked. The water’s appearance is unchanged.

This thread…

…gives some ideas as to why tap water might suddenly change in smell. But I don’t know if this is city-wide or just in my apartment building. I don’t want to ring up the landlord if it’s not under his purview. So… anyone else in the city have a similar experience this weekend?

Water’s been fine at my place in Irving Park.

Nothing changed here in Lincoln Park.

I’m in the suburbs, but no water problem here. Frankly, when I did live in a city apartment, if my water went “funny,” my FIRST assumption would be that it was the building. Something Chicago-wide, or even affecting an entire neighborhood, would surely have made the front page or been a news alert?

Thanks for the reports. A small poll of nearby friends also turned up negative. I guess it was the building? Anyway, the smell faded throughout Sunday and now, by nightfall, is no longer present. I’m feeling no ill effects, so I guess I’ll just chalk it up as a one-off event.

Regardless, I can go back to enjoying some of the tastiest municipal water in the region!

Just to be safe, you should stick to vodka for a few days.

I live in wrigleyville and ever since last week our water has been smelling like grapefruit or something funky. i also noticed it at a local ymca drinking fountain…not sure what is causing it, but im glad to hear there are others noticing it. I hope its nothing serious!

Be careful, vodka will go bad if once it’s opened.

Agreed. That’s why I always try to finish a bottle within 24 hours of opening it.