Has Anyone Ever Deliberately Gone to Prison to Avenge a Crime?

Makes for a good plot in a book or movie: a guy has a crime comitted against his family (say his daughter is killed as collateral damage in a gang drive-by). Not satisfied with the justice given his daughter’s killer (say he only gets 10 years), the guy deliberately robs a bank so he’ll get sent to prison, whereupon he will have an opportunity to deal justice in his own way.

Has any such thing ever happened?

No need to go to prison. Wait the 10 years, let the man get out and then do what you think you need to do.

I watched all 692 episodes of Prisoner (Prisoner: Cell Block H) and it happens ALL the time, at least in Australia. Fortunately, the prison, Wentworth houses triple murderesses in with those who refuse to pay civil judgments :slight_smile:

Problem with that strategy is that the likelihood of getting into the same prison, in the same cell block as the person who wronged you where you would actually have access to them is roughly zero. You don’t get a say in where they send you.

Not that unlikely with a women’s prison in a place with a small population. So in the unlikely event that this ever happened, it would probably be in a women’s prison.

The shot callers will send a soldier that’s already in to do the dirty work.

Not much chance of it happening, we keep a lot of background and ensure certain individuals or groupings are split up.

Think of it this way, we have 139 prisons in the UK, each has at least 5 cell blocks, most have rather more, you are looking at well over 700 cell blocks.

Trying to find yourself in the right place at the same time to carry out your revenge attack will be almost impossible and that it simply on random chance alone, and thats without us making sure you stay in seperate places.

Trying to locate an individual prisoner is not easy either, you would need to have some resources, and a regular guy just is not going to have the contacts to do it.

I hae seen one case where a person was in prison for a killing, and was in the same prison as the brother of the murdered man, but they never go any closer than being aware of each other, and were soon moved out.

Sounds similar to the plot of the Fox series Prison Break, in which a man commits armed robbery and allows himself to be caught and put in prison so that he can hook up with his older brother, who was falsely accused of murder and is on death row. The younger brother was a architect who helped work on the prison, so before getting locked up he had his body tattooed with a disguised image of the prison blueprints to help them escape.

Now there is one serious weakness in that prison break story, if we have a former contractor who has carried structural work in a prison, then sometime later commits an offence and gets a prison term, then we would never ever send him to a prison where he had undertaken such work, and we keep lots of records to ensure it can’t happen.

Even if you had the plans, you would find they were not going to be much use, trust me on this.

The great Steve McQueen movie “Nevada Smith” had the hero get himself thrown into the same prison as his target for revenge.

It seems like it would make more sense to try to get hired on as a guard.

I don’t know about going into prison in the first place, but I’ve heard tales about groups conspiring to get one guy sent from general population to safekeeping (protective custody) to assault or kill somebody there.

There was Sean Penn in Bad Boys (1983) when he was sent to a Juvie after accidentally killing Paco’s brother. Paco subsequently rapes Sean’s girlfriend so he can be put in the same juvie facility and fight.

Dang. Nowadays you get 2 years for throwing a beer at someone and go to adult jail. Ahhhhh, I miss the '80s. :smiley:

Let’s Go To Prison has this plot, but even stranger. Our hero frames the bad guy to send him to prison, and then gets himself sentenced to prison to go after him. I don’t really get it, but it was pretty funny, so at some point I’ll watch it again and maybe figure it out.

In the series The Mentalist, a season 2 or 3 episode had the following plot Bad guy had killed a woman, was sent to prison for it. Husband of the dead woman put on a forgiving face, but secretly bought the warehouse where the country kept the evidence (husband was in the real estate business, so not unusual). Slipped in with a key and inserted false evidence before the stuff was moved, then campaigned for a retrial under a cover. When the bad guy was released because of the “wrong” evidence, the husband went to his hotel room and killed him.

But I agree with the previous posters: it’s a rather dumb plan. As (fellow) prisoner, the person seeking revenge has no influence on where he’s sent, that he will get access to his target, and aquiring a weapon will also be rather difficult.

If the problem of the revenge-seeker is that the prison term is too lenient, then waiting for the term to end, for the perp to come out and kill him outside seems much easier. Although it requires a bit of patience on the part of the revenge-seeker.

Strikes me that it would make a hell of a lot more sense to pay someone who’s already in the same cell block to do the job for you.

Getting sent there yourself just doesn’t seem to make sense. Aside from the huge problem that everyone has pointed out - ie. that you’re never likely to be put in the same block as your target - there’s also the fact that the criminal proceedings could take a long time, and even if you manage to attack your target you’d then be guaranteed another lengthy jail sentence for the attack. Plus if you managed by chance to get a hold of your target and failed in the attack (you missed with the boiling water, or whatever) then you’re definitely never getting another shot again, and you’re probably getting extra jail time for the attempt. If a hired thug fails in the attack, you can always try and hire another one.

PS. Not that I’d endorse any of this! :stuck_out_tongue: