Has anyone ever flown Globespan airlines?

My wife’s grandmother passed away in Scotland, and she’s thinking of attending the funeral (we live in Boston). I’ve been on the internet this morning looking for last minute flights, and there’s an airline I’ve never heard of (the aforementioned Globespan) that bills itself as a low-cost provider and has flights from Boston to Glasgow at rates more than 50% lower than the rates at other airlines obtained through the standard searches (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz). I’m hesitant to try an untested airline, but the fare is hard to pass up.

If anyone has flown (or knows anybody who has flown) this airline, any comments on the experience would be appreciated.


I haven’t flown it yet, but plan to in November when they start direct Aberdeen-Prague flights. There are a number of low-cost airlines here - globespan seems to be just another one. I haven’t heard anything bad about them.

They stranded some folks last month trying to get home to Ireland from New York. The flight was delayed three days.

I’d go with another provider, were I you.