Has anyone ever had this problem with their remote controls?

I found my self having an extra dvd player and an extra 19" Tv so I decided to put it in my daughters play room so she could watch Snow White over and over. The TV is a piece of crap Goldstar and the DVD player is the original APEX (The one with the hidden menus, in case you’ve heard about it :wink: ) The APEX sucks because no Univ Remotes will work with it.

Well, to make a long story short, the coding on the TV remote and the DVD remote is the same!! So when I hit the number 7 on the TV remote, the fricking DVD player will paise. If I hit play on the DVD remote, it will bring up the contrast menu on the TV!! Basically this renders both units remoteless. My only option is to cover up one of the sensors so I can use one of the remotes at least.

Has anyone ever encountered this before? And if so, is there any way in hell to use both remotes without hosing the other unit?

I hate it when my DVD paises.

Can you put something impervious to IR between the rooms?

Get a long video cable and put the two devices on opposite sides of the room, or the DVD player right by the chair/sofa so you can use its controller point blank, and use the TV’s controller while pointing it away from the DVD (in other words… the DVD player faces away from the TV player, and beside you. You hold the TV remote behind the DVD player so it doesn’t trigger the DVD player. Then, you don’t need the DVD remote).

I wonder if one of the cheapie universal remotes could be set to work with just one of them.

Wow, that sucks! Heh… For the record, I have an Apex, too (but with a later ROM revision that doesn’t include the funky hidden menus). I use my universal remote with it all the time, but the catch is that it’s a learning remote and I had to teach it all the Apex’s codes.

There really is no good solution to your problem. You’re at the mercy of the manufacturers. The best you can hope for is a workaround like the one described above with the long video cables. You could always get another, different-model small TV. Used TV’s depreciate like nobody’s business, and what costs $150 new in the store might sell for $20 in the classifieds.

Yeah, I dont have a learning remote myself. But basically right now we are just not useing any remotes. We just start the movie for her and leave the room. The thing that REALLY sucks is that without a remote, you cant manuever around ANY of the menus because there are no menu controls on the front of the unit. :frowning: