Has anyone ever lost a toe?

Pure morbid curiosity here–What’s it like to lose a toe? Did it hurt a lot? How much blood did you lose? Was it necessary to go to the hospital afterwards?

I knew someone who lost his thumb - and they replaced it with his toe.

I also knew someone who lost his thumb, and it probably got eaten by a shark or something (he was on a fishing boat).

I would guess a missing toe would need skin grafts of some kind. Maybe. Or perhaps not.

I crack myself up.

Seriously, no, but I lost a toenail once. It grew back.

Did you have an accident?

I’m not in any situation involving people losing toes, but I am working on thes short story that involves one character losing a toe (the baby toe on her left foot, if that clears anything up). I’d just like to have some details right.

I had a friend in high school who lost his big toe in a motorcycle accident. He was very self-conscios about it but hey, who wouldn’t be. Anyway, apparently it took him a while to adjust to no big toe because it is hard to balance without one. I wouldn’t have thought that but apparently it serves a pupose as far as keeping you uprigth while walking or standing. Looked awfully funny too. :smiley:

A girl I went out with in high school lost her big toe when she accidentally stuck it in the spokes of a bicycle.

For what it’s worth, afterward she could still outrun most of the guys. It didn’t seem to affect her balance at all, either.

But what about the actualy moment when s/he lost the toe?

Some folk’ll never lose a toe, but then again some folk’ll
Like Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel

I’m sorry. I just had to sing it …

Sorry, I don’t remember any details other than she went to the emergency room and later her foot was bandaged to the size of a basketball.

Oh, Auntie Pam. You’re so witty. :slight_smile: Wow. I only composed this post (out of my long Sunday silence) to comment on something you’ve said. Maybe the table’s have turned. I’ve become your stalker.

Oh and on Friends, Chandler lost the tip of his toe.

Damn you, LNO! You beat me to it!!!

The nail on my big toe came off this weekend. It was really gross!! It was all stinky under there because I dropped something on it a while ago so there was all this dried blood & necrotic tissue!! Eww gross! It’s OK now, though I doubt I’ll be wearing open-toes shoes anytime soon.

TYG, how is your character losing her toe? Different injuries have varying amounts of pain, blood loss, etc., though I think unless you were Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel, you’d DEFINITELY go to the hospital.

This is weird: I know a lady who lost one of the smaller toes on her left foot, because the toe had a melanoma: on the underside! That is to say, where the sun don’t shine.

Obviously, in this case it was surgically removed, so it doesn’t answer the OP. I just wanted to share.