Has anyone ever stayed at this resort in Mexico?

We are thinking of booking for a holiday at the Quintas Papagayo Resort in Ensenada, Baja, Mexico. It looks good on the internet but this could be deceiving. Has anyone here ever stayed there? If so I would really like to hear your views on the place…Thanks

Never stayd in Baja myself, but I did a quick google search on the name of the resort, and it looks like it have a fair amount of activity. shrug…Besides, whenever I’ve taken a chance on a hotel site unseen, as long as the area it’s in has multiple choices, then I figure I can always go someplace better if I hate it. Good luck, half the fun of travel is the thrill of the unknown.

I don’t know about that particular place, but I have stayed about 10 days in Baja. It was in Cabo San Lucas. The name of the place was Plazas Las Glorias. Right down town close to everything. Including Sammy Hagar’s bar, Cabo Wabo Cantina.