Has anyone gone on a tour of West Point?

My son’s boy scout troop is going on a tour of West Point in a few weeks and I was looking forward to going along with them. But it turns out that we won’t be allowed to leave the bus, except to go through a museum.

I visited West Point when I was a kid and I remember walking around the grounds and it was a great day. But I don’t know about just looking out the bus window for the better part of the trip.

Has anyone done it? Is it worth it?

I haven’t been to West Point in years. But I’ve been told that since 9-11 public access to the site (which is after all a military base) has been greatly restricted.

I went on a tour of West Point when I was in tenth grade, I think. Probably actually the summer after tenth grade, so…1998? My dad and I were able to wander all over the place, both on the official tour and on our own. So, they weren’t too tight about it even seven years ago; Little Nemo is probably correct that this may be a post 9-11 change.

Might as well start my guest membership with a topic I know. As far as formal tours are concerned while I think they vary, it seems like most of them have at least a walking tour showing the plain, and a tour of the mess hall. As far as security I wouldn’t worry about it to much. Getting on campus might be a bit of a problem, possibly requiring a quick car inspection and ID, but once on you can pretty much wander around freely as long as you stay out of the cadet only areas. If you want any ideas about what to see when you do come up just let me know. Also just out of curiosity is your son coming up for the boy scout camporee, or is it a different meeting?

Thanks for the info. I don’t know if it’s for the boy scout camporee or not. I’ll post the answer when I find out. It could be a couple of days before I get the time to get the answer and respond again.