Has anyone had a cat with Polycystic Kidney Disease?

My mom’s 10-11yr old cat, Cassidy, was just diagnosed with this two days ago. Cassidy is scarily thin, even though she is still eating four cans of wet food a day and however much dry food she wants.

This all started with her loosing weight last year. Mom took her to the vet and they found and pulled a bad tooth, thinking that was the problem.

Fast forward to this year and she’s lost even more weight. Last month my mom took her in again, this time because she hadn’t gained back any weight despite eating voraciously and was now loosing fur. Vet ran labs, thinking it was the thyroid. Labs came back normal, except for an elevated WB count. Vet chalked it up to the fleas and put the cat on a strong flea preventative.

Friday my mom took Cassidy in because, even though her hair was coming back, she was still thin. Vet palpated and found an enlarged kidney and x-ray showed it was full of cysts.

Cassidy is now on Purina’s wet “urinary system food”. The only symptoms/behaviors my mom can remember are: Cassidy not wanting to eat the dry food, only wet, her peeing twice on my mom’s bed, and the weight loss.

Brodi, I have experience with kidney failure in cats, but not with polycystic kidney disease. The voracious appetite isn’t usually a symptom of any kidney issues, though, and neither is fur loss. I’d ask if a (thyroid-specific) test called spec FPL was run, or whether Cassidy’s thyroid results were determined from the standard blood work results, which aren’t always that accurate.

In any case, is your mom on Facebook? I’m a member of a kidney kitty group that’s excellent and I know someone would be able to help. I’m sorry I’m not of more help, but the best of luck to your mom and Cassidy.

Helena330, sorry to hijack a bit, I’ve just sent a request to join your group as my little boy Shadow has recently been at the vet’s for cystitis, which they said may also lead to chronic/acute kidney problems.

My mom is sort of a technophobe. She has a smart phone and a lap top, but refuses to do anything with social media. I’ll join though.

I’m so glad you’ve both joined! It’s a wonderful, supportive, group. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the add - I have read quite a bit so far but haven’t posted yet. Been a bit snowed under with work, life and the constant search for the latest place cystitis-boy has been peeing!

It’s not my group, although they did ask me to be an admin which I turned down. It’s run by a wonderful lady with a huge heart. It can be depressing with all the kitties that die, but overall it’s a well-run, helpful group.