Has anyone had Grapette soda lately?

My dad mentions Grapette soda occasionally. It was his favorite. He also mentions they still sell it overseas, but not here.

I found out they’ve started selling it in this country again. I can get some, but the nearest place that has it is 70 or 80 miles away.

I’d like to surprise my dad with some, but I want to make sure it’s worth doing. So, has anyone had any Grapette soda recently? I have some questions:

  1. Is it in a glass bottle, or a plastic bottle?

  2. Does it taste the way it used to?

  3. Do they make it with sugar or corn syrup?


My uncle-in-law mentioned his nostalgia for Grapette soda when we visited him in Camden, Arkansas. If you do find out where to buy, please let me know also.

P.S. I found this site:

The Grapette Story