Has anyone had pets who were homosexuals?

Inspired by this thread over in GQ, aka the Brucie Bagemihl promotion thread, I have for you all a question stunning in its simplicity but possibly far reaching in its scientific ramifications.

Any of you ever had homosexual (her taken to include ‘lesbian’) pets? I don’t mean male dogs, say, that have a proclivity to attempt to shag your (male, human) leg, but pets (goldfish, dogs, hamsters, cats, snakes, horses - whatever) that you’ve caught having it off with each other. Fellatio, cunnilingus, blowhole sex (in the case of pet dolphins and other cetaceans), anal sex, boring old vaginal sex. It all counts.

Photos encouraged. Drawings a no-no.

Funny you should ask that…

My two young cats Sufi (B&W) and Kink (Black) are in love, and gay. I say this with absolute conviction as I have never seen two animals so into each other. They are not from the same litter, but I got them at the same time, so they’re growing up together. They cannot sleep apart (as in not touching), they must sleep literally on top of each other (see pics), they cry if they’re apart for a second and follow each other round like they’re tied together - and as for the sexy stuff? Oh good grief, shakes head - I’m glad I’m pretty much unshockable these days they spend most of their time and effort on molesting each other in increasingly lurid ways.

(this is the first time I’ve done pics, let me know if its wrong please)


I hope they don’t grow out of it, as its very very adorable. I am a bit jealous that my cats get more action than me though… sigh…

We have at least one female Cockatiel that think’s she’s a male. We have another Cockatiel that might be the same way–we’re not positive as to its sex.

Okay, the first photo is a kind of 69, but I don’t see much licking going on. As for number 4, bum sniffing is kind of instinctual in the bestial world, so I’m not counting that unless there’s a darn sight more than sniffing going on.

You should move from Camberwell, you know. Ever thought of Peckham Rye?

It’s the bleeding name, ain’t it? Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and all that. Now if she was called a, I’m sorry about this, but it can’t be helped - this is for the advancement of science after all - a Cuntatiel, then she’d be as happy as Larry.

I am not taking pictures of them at it - that’s cat porn! (I’m opening myself up to all kinds of pussy jokes here eh?) That’s just too weird for me! Trust me tho’ - these two are definately in lust. The frotting gives it away.

Peckham Rye? Is this a secret den of iniquity I knew nothing about?! Damn and a year to go on my lease too…

They’re not exactly 'pet’s but I definitely have a small contingent of renegade lesbian hens.
I raise pastured poultry and the majority of my flock is perfectly content to stay behind a portable electric fence erected to keep predators out.
I have approximately 100-120 hens and one very busy and happy rooster.
About ten of the hens have flown over the fence and refuse to return to their pen.
Instead they wander the front yard and roost in the trees at night.
I drinking a glass of wine and watching them scratch around the porch last year when one hen mounted another-five times in a row.
Now chicken sex is the original wham bam thank you ma’am so I was amazed that the hens kept doing it for so long.

When another rooster hatched out of the first pen, he elected to join the free ranger girls.
I suppose he assumed that he would have no competition.
Poor frustrated rooster.
He faithfully performs his little courtship dance for the wild lesbians but they’re having none of it.
Instead of doing what hens normally do, which is squat down to be mounted, they fluff up their feathers and fight back.
Of course, he’s not exactly a ladies man either-the one time that he did successfully mount a hen-he did it backwards.

A Small Contingent of Renegade Lesbian Hens. This is a book title waiting to happen.

I had a male parakeet some years ago that would sometimes try to mate with my hand. I’m male, so that would in some sense make him homosexual.

Ginger, my pug, has the peculiar habit of lifting her leg when she pees. One neighbor kid, upon see her in action, wondered if Ginger thought she was a boy dog. Ginger likes to dry hump pillows, so maybe she’s just cracked.

But when Ginger goes into heat, Kelly the spayed mutt, mounts her several times a day. And Ginger not only lets her, but enourages her to do so by presenting herself often. When she’s not mounting Ginger, Kelly frequently licks Ginger’s engorged vulva.

My sister’s dog, Casey, my be bisexual or he might just be a slut. He’ll try to mount anything from both male and female dogs, to people’s legs, to couches, and, in one unfortunate case, someone’s head while that someone was asleep on said couch (it was a male someone, if that makes it more gay). The interesting thing is she had him neutered about twelve years ago when she got him. Around four years ago, he started humping everything again. Is he gay? Maybe. Is he really horny? It would seem so.


Some years ago, my family misguidedly agreed to look after my younger brother’s school’s pets for part of the summer holidays. They were a large male rabbit and a small male guinea pig. Now at school they were always kept in a small hutch, with a even smaller construction inside for the guinea pig to get away from the rabbit. When we decided to build them a large run in the garden, the reason for the small hutch inside soon became apparent. Basically, the rabbit had the hot for the guinea pig, and was constantly trying to violate it. When the guinea pig went into his hut, the rabbit would tip it over and chase the guinea. When we secured the hut, the rabbit dug under it. But clearly, this was more sexual frustration unleashed at anything the rabbit could get its furry paws on rather than genuine homosexuality, I would have thought.

At our house, we call it kitty porn.

We used to have a cat we suspected to be gay. He really like to hump our other male cat, even after he was neutered. In his defense, there were no female animals in the house to hump. Unless you count me, and he never once tried to hump me (though aforementioned other male cat has). You be the judge.

I’ve got a male cat who is molested by my ex-roomate’s male dog. And he likes it. When she moved out, they both became despondent. She brings him over now for conjugal visits.

Yep. Hot boy-on-boy interspecies action. Gotta love it.

My first pet anoles were two male brown anoles, Ernie and Fluffy. Fluffy was constantly horny and molested Ernie on a daily basis. It got so bad that I had to separate them. Ernie died after about a year from a tumor, and Fluffy looked incredibly lonely, so I got two male green anoles to keep him company. After a few days of peace, Fluffy began making attempts to bugger them as well. I thought that maybe a female lizard would put an end to his escapades, so I went out and got a female. Result: He completely ignored her and continued to chase after the boys.

Thankfully his libido dropped considerably in his later years, but he was the only gay lizard I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of lizards.

Not mine, but a friend of mine used to have two male mutts who would frequently have intercrural sex with each other.

No, but I had a dog who was into trans-breedal sex. He’d do it with collies, shnauzers…any breed was fair game. :wink:

I had a golden retriever that I know for sure was gay. He did the typical ‘hump everything in sight’ routine, but the real proof was when we tried to breed him (purebreeds with a pedigree like his sell for 300-400 per pup). He would have nothing to do with her, poor female was presenting like all get out and was using every bit of female wiles to get his attention. He didn’t go for it…at all. Finally she got fed up with it and we took him back inside. The moment we got to the house he started humping my leg.

Aren’t most of your all’s dogs and cats spayed or neutered. I’d be wary of ascribing sexual orientation to an asexual pet, such as a female cat that never goes into heat.

I’m not sure if Gomez is gay. He’ll stare at Louis across the room, give a little frustrated cry, trot over and mount his unwilling victim. He doesn’t do this to Magnus but he’s only 6 months old. (All three are neutered male cats.) Maybe it’s the lack of female availability. Maybe he’s just emulating me and my boyfriend. (Oh no, he caught teh gay.)