Has anyone had the Essure procedure?

I’d better update too ! Sorry, I forgot about this thread !

I had my initial consult with the gyn on May 5th. The most amusing doctor’s visit I’ve ever had :slight_smile:

Anyway, he agreed to do it, and his next available date was May 15th, so I’ll be “essured” next Thursday :smiley:

I wanted to resurrect this thread with an update, since I just had my HSG (hysterosalpingogram) done yesterday afternoon to make sure the micro inserts were in place. I’ve had some pretty consistent bleeding for the last 4+ months (I mean, a week not bleeding and two weeks bleeding all the damn time), so my suspicion was that one of the inserts had fallen out into my uterus.

Well, it appears I was right. Even I could see the dye going through the fallopian tube. I’m going to call my doctor today, since the radiologist should’ve had time to get the x-rays over to him and discuss the results with him. I’m not sure if they need to remove the insert surgically or if it’s not going to be a problem, but I may just skip a second Essure procedure and go straight to a tubal on that one fallopian tube just to get it over with.

Thanks for the update DA. I hope everthing goes well with you.

As for me, it turns out my insurance denied my pre-approval because of the newness of the procedure. So, I have an appointment on November 14 for the tubal ligation.

Oh, Deadly Accurate, I’m so sorry.
My initial X-ray also came back inconclusive, so I will be having my HSG in a few weeks to confirm whether the procedure was a success or not for me.

I’m really sorry it didn’t work for you :frowning: What a pain.

I have been told next to nothing about the HSG. Anything I should be aware of ? Will I resemble an octopus if anyone scares me ?

Here is a good site that explains the basic procedure. I might muck up the explanation. There was maybe one minute of pain that resembled a really bad cramp while the dye was being injected, but that was it (my cramps after the Essure procedure were bad enough for Demerol and these weren’t nearly that bad). I was able to watch the dye on the video monitor. All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad experience for me.

I was still kinda crampy all yesterday and some today, but mild enough that OTC painkillers are more than sufficient.