Has anyone heard of Roger Garland, Tolkein illustrator?

I’m aware that this thread may sink quicker than the Titanic, but just in case anyone has every heard of him… i spent the weekend at his house. I had big dinners with him, am good friends with his son, stayed at his holiday cottage. Anyone impressed? Anyone even vaguely know who i’m talking about?


Welp, I’m flipping through my book, “Tolken’s World: Paintings of Middle-Earth”, and sure enough! There’s quite a few by Roger Garland (personally, I think I prefer Alan Lee’s paintings, but…). How neat that you spent the weekend with him! How did you meet him?

I am impressed.

Oh dear. Tolkien. TOLKIEN.

Can’t believe I misspelled that.


I’m not sure this link will work if you’re not registered on Tolkien On Line, but try http://www2.tolkienonline.com/gallery/index.cfm, click on Author and scroll down to “Roger Garland” to find a full list of his paintings (28 of them).

I didn’t recognize Garland’s name, but once I went to the site I found I did recognize some of his artwork.

That would be a good IMHO thread: who is your favorite Tolkien illustrator?

I recognised the name!

My first impression was that he was the one who drew most of the pictures of Elves in the Tolkien Bestiary (a lovely book). As it happens, I was wrong - he was the one who did the front cover illustrations for the Unwin editions of the books.

I spelt Tolkien wrong. I’m so ashamed.

I know them because my SO is good friends with Roger and Linda’s son Seth (he’s also an artist, a damn good one… incidently, in that link, in the “Totalise” painting, i know that girl! That’s Sarah, Seth’s ex-girlfriend. It’s so exciting to know people in paintings!). They have their very own gallery, both online and in Cornwall where we stayed.

Roger and Linda are both very funny people. And their house is gorgeous - a converted barn/chapel. We’ll be going back again this summer.


I’ve never heard of Roger Garland, and to be honest I don’t like his style from what I can see on his website.

Seth’s, however, look great, though a trifle forced.

Wow! He’s not one of my favorite Tolkien artists, but I’m still impressed :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to one of the best (imo the best) site for Tolkien art: http://soar.berkeley.edu/rolozo/

I’m very happy that Alan Lee and John Howe are Conceptual Designers for the LOtR movies…