Has anyone here been contacted by the Gallup Poll?

That Nielsen thread made me think of this. I’d always heard of the Gallup Poll, but I wondered if it really existed (like Nielsen families, if you think about it) until I got a questionnaire from them about 20 years ago. Even though I wasn’t paid for my time and effort, I felt honored to be chosen by them, and I filled out the questionnaire (which was lengthy) and mailed it back. It was about the USPS.


Anyone else?

Longer ago than you and it was my father. I recall him taking quite some time to think over the answers/choices and complete it. I believe it involved things related to the war (Vietnam) but I’m not sure and he isn’t around anymore to ask.

Not once ever.

Many years ago, we got a door-to-door actual THE Gallup Poll pollster. I (used to) like to do such polls so I went thru it.

Quite interesting, a lot of questions about different topics. In addition to the political questions there were several questions clearly requested by certain companies like GE and Deere.

Used to do seemingly legit telephone polls until it was clear that almost all of them are now not real polls but just sales or issue-pushing calls. Somewhere in there there might be a Gallup call, but it’s would get a hang up like the rest.

(Our health care provider sometimes emails me about doing a poll. Many of them result in a $5 Amazon gift cert. which is cool for very little time.)

Not the Gallup, but I was contacted by Quinnipiac in the nineties.

Yep, sometime while I was living in Arizona, so between 2007-2010, but I couldn’t even tell you any more than that. I suspect it was related to the presidential election, but I’m not sure.

No. I was called by Quinnipiac once (3-4 years ago) and had a nice chat with the pollster, but they never called back, maybe I was blacklisted for being too thoughtful and analytical and, well, opinionated.