Has anyone here used IdeaPaint? How's it working for you?

An article I was reading about new kinds of light bulbs had the following blurb:

I decided I could read about light bulbs later; what is this IdeaPaint stuff, and why haven’t I heard of it before - like, in time to consider using it to paint my son’s room? Because if it really works (i.e. the ‘erase’ part of ‘dry erase’ holds up well over time), and the paint itself looks good and holds up reasonably well over time, I’d kinda like to paint practically every room in the house with it.

So, anyone have experience with this stuff? I did a search here, and came across a post from early last year where HockeyMonkey says they use it at his office. Anyone else?

They use it a lot at my main office. I don’t have a lot of experience with it directly (I work remotely), but I saw it when I was there and everyone said it’s great. Very cool stuff.