Has anyone ordered the "Internet of Things bundle" from PopSci Shop? (Popular Science)

I’m thinking to get it for my youngest, but I’m dubious that it’s really $1,800 worth for $29.

You know they’re online courses ?

(cool user name btw)

Here’s a link to it.

Let me guess…the online courses cost extra.

Actually, the online course – all lectures – is the only thing included. No software, no hardware. On the purchase page, the actual course contents are described. 9 distinct courses, and each has a “SPECS” tab that lists what’s included.

Included: on-line lectures.

Not included: any hardware or software you would need to implement any of the examples or exercises given in the lectures.

If you think about it, once you develop online content like a course, the incremental cost of delivering it to a user is almost nothing. So even though the bundle in the OP has a claimed value of $1,800, they’ll probably still make a profit selling it for $29.

  1. It indicates that each individual course has a $200 value. Have they ever actually sold these courses for $200?
  2. What is the actual cost, including software and hardware?

I don’t know. Quite possibly not. $200 is like an MSRP: no one outside the process knows what goes into the calculations, but “making the discount price look good” must surely be a factor.

No one has computed a Bill of Materials, AFAIK. As I said, the “SPECS” tab gives hardware requirements in a general sense, like “Complete Arduino kit” or “Essential tools (not included): a mini breadboard, jumper wires, a multimeter, a soldering iron & solder, wire cutter”.

If someone wants to price that, go for it.

Boiling it down: you’re getting curated access to several dozen hours of Youtube (or YouTube-like) IoT how-to videos. Everything else is on you.

It looks as though this is a custom selection of courses from Makerdemy.com, which is based in India - the value they’re quoting appears to be the list price on that site. I can only find a few reviews and comments on makerdemy content, but they weren’t very flattering.