Has anyone participated in the self-help group called The Forum?

I looked for related threads in the search engine but you can imagine how many times the word “forum” appeared. Mea Culpa if this subject has already been addressed.

Anyway, I recently registered for a class at the end of May and I wondered if anyone here could offer any suggestions or things I could do to best prepare myself for the class. I went to an introductory meeting last month and was truly inspired by the forum leader and the other former participants who spoke at the end of the class.

I am looking forward to your suggestions. I would also be interested in the different ways you have noticed that the Forum has changed your life. Thanks!

Hoo boy. Let me be the first to say your best preparation for the class would be to run in the opposite direction. Rots of ruck.

Your post seems to solicit positive opinions only, so I won’t retail my very mixed feelings about the Landmark Forum here. I did post my take on it as a former participant some time ago in this thread, if you’re interested.

First there was L. Ron Hubbard. He made a bet with some friends that he could start a religion and become a very, very wealthy man. He won. He started Scientology. The main idea of Scientology is that in order to be a whole person you have to become “clear” or obtain “clarity.” In order to become clear you have to take years worth of classes that cost many thousands of dollars. See Operation Clambake for more information.

Werner Erhardt was a staffer for L. Ron who came up with a scheme of his own. He could give you clarity in just one weekend (for a price, of course.) He called it est (Erhardt Sensitivity Training.) est weekends were three days of mental abuse. Erhardt also became a very wealthy man but the company was sued many times for its supposed abuses and the place was shut down.

Actually, it wasn’t really shut down. Werner sold the concept to his (IIRC) brother-in-law who started the Landmark Forum. The Forum is kind of like est-lite, no more screaming and yelling and you even get to take a leak whenever you want. They don’t even have to pay their employees. They guilt trip their graduates to volunteer to work at future weekends and get all of their friends to sign up (so, how did you find out about the Forum?).

I’ve researched this some and have come to the conclusion that the whole thing is a bunch of bullshit. Do a search on Google for yourself. There are lots of first hand accounts from alumni, positive, negative and nuetral.

If your question was sincere, I really do recommend doing a lot of research before you spend your hard earned cash on this. If you’re a shill for the Forum, you’re in the wrong place.