Has anyone played D&D Elemental Evil for the PC?

I watched an LP that made it look pretty interesting. Is it any good? Does it have replay value?

You mean this one? Yeah, I played it. The original release was so buggy it was unplayable, and the company folded before they significantly patch it. There’s some fan-made patches that get it up to basic functionality, but it’s still a little squirrelly. It’s decent enough, once you get it into a runnable state. Very difficult, particularly when your characters are lower level, but a very faithful (turn based!) adaptation of D&D 3.5 rules. You can get it for six bucks at Good Old Games. I’m not sure how fully patched that version is, but at that price point, it’s worth the risk. I’ve never actually beaten it, so I can’t speak to its replay value.


It is buggy. But it is worth playing.

I hadn’t played D&D for a decade and needed to bone up for a session my old friends wanted to put together and this game’s run on this new fangled 3.5 version they got now so I gave it a whirl.

Didn’t get to the end so can’t say for the replay value either. But if you have fun for an hour $6 is worth it.

Sigh I wish I’d seen that link earlier. I bidded for it on Ebay.

I played it way back when and never since. It wasn’t the WORST D&D game i’ve ever played on PC (that would be Pools of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor), but it wasn’t all that good either.

Lots of character customization options
Crafting system works well
Good implementation of D&D 3.5 rules

Turn-based combat is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW (and well obsolete by 2003 when this game came out)
NPC party members leave much to be desired
No plot to speak of

I remember that game!

What a horrible mess. I recall spending an HOUR waiting for enemies that had become “activated” in combat to make their way accross the dungeon to get to me, only to have the game crash when they finally arrived.

I just went back to playing Neverwinter Nights :slight_smile:

Which I would recommend to the OP, if he hasn’t played it yet.

As shipped from Atari it was buggy and unplayable.

But take a look at The Circle of 8 website. They have released a number of patches and added significant content. It makes it playable and worth playing. Gotta love fan-sites. Still not as good as Neverwinter Nights though.

I used to know the producer for Return to Myth Drannor. He wouldn’t ever talk about the development of it. If you brought it up, he’d get this thousand yard stare, like he was John Rambo, and you’d just mentioned Vietnam.

There will never be anyone as dear to my friends and I as Akbar Bel Akash.

Like clockwork he’d blow your entire party up with a fireball a turn before you’d already won the fight. He was like that lovable stray that won’t stop biting you.

Played the Gog version a few months ago and the original version years ago.

It’s fun if you’re a dnd fan, well worth the GoG price and your time.

You must install the circle of eight mod linked to above, it adds so much to the game.