Has anyone read any Laurence Yep?

If so, maybe you can help me out. I read a lot of his books around 5th/6th grade and I loved him. Something tonight reminded me of part of a book that I think was his, maybe Dragonwings. I’m just remembering something about salt, maybe a great plain of salt, and it either helping or hindering a dragon perhaps. These details seem so specific to me but I can’t place where they’re from. Maybe I’m thinking of something else entirely!

One of these days I have to clean out my book collection and try to find those copies.

I think that would be Dragon of the Lost Sea where Shimmer, a princess of a tribe of dragons whose ocean home was dried up has to enlist some characters to help her get it back. There’s a whole series about it, simply called Dragon series, I think. It gets bigger with a war and some nifty plot twists, but hidiously depressing at the same time. The books were *Dragon of the Lost Sea, Dragon Gate, Dragon Cauldron, * and Dragon War. He wrote a few other Dragon-- books, but I think these are the ones you’re looking for.

I definitely have Dragon of the Lost Sea somewhere, I’ll have to find it, but I never heard of those other three.

But anyway, can you think of any explanation for why I’m thinking of salt as being significant?

I’m thinking because when Shimmer’s Inland Sea home-place dried up, it turned into a giant plain of salt. (Seawater - water = salt) I think there was something important about it in the book, but all I remember is them camping out there for a few nights.