Has Anyone Reported This? (Personality With Transplanted Body Parts)?

There was an odd little story I read, years ago-it went like this: a man was saved from death, via a heart/lung/liver transplant. The donor was killed in an auto accident; months later, the recipient reported that he had different interests and behaviors than before…one strange thing was that the recipient started smoking cigarettes-something that he had never done.
All of this suggested that some aspect of the donor’s personality came with the organs.
this is logically absurd-we know that the brain contains personality-the other organs are only of physical importance. Has anyone heard of such a story?

Oh, totally! What happened post-transplant was horrifying! :eek:

Could the personality changes be due to minor brain damage from the long length of time spent under anesthesia?

See what happens when you give a donee the lungs of a 30 year long chain-smoker!

I think it was in Mary Roach’s book Stiff, she said some people believe personality is held in the heart and not the brain. Someone who had a heart transplant believed the donor died in a car accident with the taste of french fries in their mouth. It was found to be wrong.

What -has- been found (I’m pretty sure… Sadly, I can’t find the damn cite for it…) Is that experiences of great trauma (say, needing sudden major organ transplant) can re-wire behavior centers in the brain. The most apparent showing of this is people with PTSD picking up or losing habits or emotional attachments they’ve had all their lives.
It’s probably the fact that the transplant is needed; not the actual transplanted part.

I’ve heard of stuff like this; whether or not it’s true remains to be seen.

I knew a lady once who had had more than 1 kidney transplant; I asked her if she ever noticed anything different after getting a new organ, she said no.

Here’s an even better example. (possibly NSFW)

There’s the Croatian lumberjack who was given a woman’s kidney. He filed a lawsuit claiming it ruined his life by making him feminine.

There was a short story with this idea “The Assemblage of Kristin” by James Morrow

That made me laugh for about 15 minutes straight. Thank you.

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That whole Head of Vecna thing never worked out…

Here is an article on Inherited Memory that talks about several incidents.


I found it because I remember the movie made about Claire Silvia.