Has anyone see The Tenderloins (Impractical Jokers guys) on tour?

I like the TV show, but I’m not at all sure what the live performances are like and if it would be my cup of coffee (don’t drink tea).

Who has been to one? Can you give me an idea of what they do? Is it just an improv show?


I saw them during the “Santiago Sent Me” tour about a year ago.
It was mainly the four of them doing simultaneous stand up, taking turns ripping on each other, plus they showed a couple of video clips. No skits, no improv.
A few good laughs but nothing extraordinarily.

Do you remember how much you paid for tickets? ISTR pricing them out a few years ago, and thought they were crazy expensive. Especially if it’s just the 4 of them doing standup. Thanks.

I haven’t seen them live but have seen them do their standup on TV. I was very disappointed - it was really kind of stupid. I love the Impractical Jokers show and laugh out loud all the time when watching it. I don’t think I even cracked a smile at their standup.

I saw them in March after getting tickets as a Christmas gift for my teenage son, who loves the tv show. I wasn’t looking forward to going because I find a lot of their stuff too sophomoric for my tastes, but I ended up having a great time.
The format is basically the four of them on stage together telling stories and riffing on each other, along with several video clips of behind-the-scenes stuff from the tv show and other escapades. They interacted with the audience a fair amount, and it was funny, but there were no pranks or dares the way they do on tv.
If you like the tv show, I think you’d have a good time at the live show.

I don’t recall the exact amount, but the prices were more in line with a music concert than a comedy club.
I do remember thinking for the price, I expected more entertainment.