Has anyone seen "Love Never Dies"? (OPEN SPOILERS)

Anyone seen "Love Never Dies’’, the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” that was almost universally panned? I came across the soundtrack and listened to it, and it is BAD, folks. I’ll commence with plot spoilers here.

So remember when Raoul and Christine fell in love and she ultimately chose him over the Phantom? Turns out that was a bad move because he’s an emotionally abusive alcoholic with anger problems who’s lost all his money. They have a son named Gustave, but it’s later revealed that the night before her wedding, Christine sought out the Phantom and had sex with him. Therefore, Gustave is the Phantom’s son. The family travels to Coney Island because someone invited Christine to sing at an event called Phantasm (gee, I wonder who’s behind that?)

Madame Giry and her daughter Meg are also working behind the scenes with the Phantom, and for some reason, Meg is now in love with him. He, however, still pines for Christine. Towards the end of the show, Meg, in a half-crazed state, admits that she raised the money for Phantasm by whoring herself out to rich men. In a fit of rage and jealousy, she shoots and kills Christine, but not before the Phantom and Christine share one last kiss (and song).

Webber must really hate these characters to utterly destroy them the way he did. Could this show be any more filled with dramatic cliches? Was there not room for a terminal illness subplot? Why did everyone need to go utterly crazy, especially the few characters who were pure of heart in “Phantom”? In addition, the music is pretty bad. If you don’t believe me, here’s a song that’s in the musical at least twice. Listen to that and tell me how the same person could write “The Phantom of the Opera”. I admit that “Phantom” has a somewhat weak story and off-putting undertones, but it is far superior to this sequel. Thoughts? Listen to the soundtrack online and see if you agree.

I saw it in London last year and yep, the storyline is horrendous, though I actually liked the show more than I thought I would. I thought the music was pretty good and the actors were great. But the plot is just Goddamn awful!

I’m glad it looks like at this point the show will not be transferring to Broadway.

Haven’t seen it but listened to some of the music and it’s on par with the first. The plot I had MEGA problems with. Christine frankly needs some killin’.

Let’s see, the Phantom-

-pretended to be an angel
-abducted and tried to seduce me
-several times
-murdered Piangi and others in cold blood
-gave me the choice of either being his sex slave or seeing him murder Raoul

I think I love him.

He should have just made a musical about Patty Hearst.

Thread from last year in which it’s discussed in some posts.

i was curious about it because i’m a huge fan of the original show, i’ve seen it something like 17 times between broadway viewings and when the national tour comes through town (and i really want to see it in vegas). but yeah, the sequel looks terrible. i was very wtf when i read the plot synopsis on wikipedia.

and the music, oy. the song linked by the OP is awful. stingy as andrew lloyd weber can be with his melodies, he’s capable of a lot better. i do kind of like “beneath a moonless sky” but the rest is utterly forgettable. i would kind of like to see it in a morbidly curious kind of way but i doubt i’d waste the money if the opportunity came.

Nitpick, cause this is a HUGE pet peeve of me, ye old ALW fanatic and wordsmith:

MOVIES have soundtracks. Musicals have CAST RECORDINGS.

I haven’t seen the show, but my brother saw it in both London and Austrailia. He says it is really bad.

A DVD of the OZ ast is going to be released.