Has anyone tried Nintendo's Brain Age?

Was it fun? Did you feel like you got all those geat benefits they promise?

Um. What is it? Do I want it?

My roommate brought it home from E3, and I’ve been playing it ever since. I don’t know that it improved my memory (and believe me, it could use improving), but it certainly is satisfying to chart my progress on the games and puzzles.

I’ve unlocked all the different games now (I think it’s either 20 or 30 days of playing unlocks it all) and I like playing them every day or two and seeing if I can beat my previous scores. The game supports up to four players on each cartridge, and it ranks all the players so you can try to beat your friends’ scores as well.

It also has Sudoku, which I never really understood before - now I’m hopelessly addicted.

Ah. That game!

I’ve played it. It’s good. Me likey.

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