Has anyone used the FREE hard-drive cloning program DriveImage XLM?

Customer reviews really blast Norton Ghost and my own free trial with Acronis was less than 100 percent successful, perhaps because I didn’t read the instructions.

That said, I’ve seen DriveImage XML offered as free shareware. Can anyone recommend?

BTW, I’m using XP Home and simply want to clone my hard drive onto my brand-new Lacie mobile drive. Not sure if my Lacie drive has a cloning program. Haven’t cracked the box yet.

I’ve been looking for something like this, thanks for bringing to my attention. I’m making a test right now:

I previously backed up a USB 1GB flash drive that had the KNOPPIX Live Cd image on, using WinAce. Using Winace, I restored these files to the drive, and verified it’s bootable.

Then, I used DriveImage XLM to make an image of this flash drive, then formatted the drive. I am right now restoring the DriveImage XLM image to it. When it’s done, I’ll see if it boots OK, and report my results here.

I’m posting this from Konquerer on the KNOPPIX system restored to and booted from the USB drive, so it looks like a success.

One more thing: The DriveImage drive image (created with compression) was 705,566kb, whereas the WinAce archive was 700,801kb. I consider that pretty much functionally equal, so it’s got good compression IMHO.

so, on my older computer I have 2 drives, one with windows xp pro on it and one with pretty much everything else. This is the type of program I would use to move everything off my dearly almost dead 10 gB HDD onto a much larger and new drive? And once I did it, it would ‘find’ all the programs I have on the second drive without having to reinstall them?