Has anything/anyone been named after you?

A comet you discovered? A street in a neighborhood your dad developed? A sandwich you invented at your frat? A younger relative?

My niece has my middle name for her middle name. I think my sister did this deliberately, to sort of honor me. Otherwise, nope.

An outhouse. My fame has no bounds.

My niece has my middle name as hers, as well, Cranky.

Yes. Al Stewart named one of his songs on ‘Past, Present And Future’ after Nostradamus. :slight_smile:

My best friend from college blessed her daughter with my name. She got my last name, not my first. I spent a day at Disney World with this kid last Christmas, and I couldn’t be happier. For a 3 year old, she has excellent comic timing.

Not me, exactly. But my family name is scattered across North America in the form of street names, town names, stores, comestibles, etc.

Well, sure… http://www.flodnak.com :stuck_out_tongue:

Fella bilong missus flodnak’s parents have also started calling chocolate chip cookies “Cindy cookies”, because they say I make the best.

Must be a niece thing, Cranky and Ginger. My niece has my middle name, plus a sort of prettier variation of my name. She is named Brianne Marie, but everyone calles her Bri.

One of my mom’s friends named her kid after me, but with a consonent at the beginning so as not to be a direct copycat.

I think my sister named my nephew after me. Not totally sure, though, and it seems pretty classless to ask her.

Well, not after me, exactly, but there is a street named “Larry Drive” in honor of my uncle. (It’s in Garland, TX.) Next to it is “Patrice Drive”, after my mother. My great-grandfather built roads, but died before anything could be named after me, unfortunately.

Where I work the first person to break something in a stupid way gets that action named after them. “Jeff-ing” something means to plug it into the trasformer at 220V instead of 110V and blowing up all of the electronic components and, I’m afraid, “Haj-ing” something means to remove the cover without turning off the power and dropping a nut on the main circuit board thereby shorting out the power supply.


There’s an island named after me…

A friend of mine named the female lead character in his novel after me.

Sure…my son.

My first name is Randal as is his middle name.

I guy I know named one of his daughters my name. I hate to ask where he got the idea because his wife looked unhappy when he and I were discussing that their daughters had the same names as girls he had known. (Things that make you go hmmmm.)

A cross-corner pool shot is known amoungst my old friend’s as a “Johnny”

I always liked my middle name and my initals but didn’t want a “junior”. So we used “Randal” as his first name instead of my first name and we’ve always called him by his middle name. Until now, I didn’t know we’d named him after Reeder.

A friend of mine put a main character in his novel named/modeled after me.

A long, long time ago a friend of mine wrote a song and named it after me.

My friend named one of her pet crayfish after me once.

Oh, and another friend wrote a novella in which one of the characters was based on me, but it was never published.