Has Bernie got the "spiritual" vote?

My Facebook feed is not very representative since most Americans I know are kind of spiritual, meaning they are into meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, psychedelics and things like that, not organized religion. What has been striking so far is that 100% of those who have expressed political opinions in their feeds are supporting Bernie Sanders. And it’s often not just mild support or approval, but they are being very vocal about it and very engaged. Has Bernie secured the oh-so-important Buddhist and Psychedelic vote?

I am seeing the same thing. It looks like he has the homeopathic bloc and the NaturalNews Big Organic votes sewn up.

I started a poll in a Terence McKenna forum and judging by how that is going, Bernie would win in a massive landslide and Vermin Supreme would get more votes than Hillary. So far the only GOP vote is for Ted Cruz, and considering that the guy who voted for him is trying to convince everyone not to vote at all I suspect it was not a heart felt show of support.