Has LinkedIn been scraping the Dope?

LinkedIn has just matched me up with one Doper I know (hi N!) to whom I have responded, and someone with a very interesting job title from Detroit has been viewing my profile there. Quite why TD would be viewing my profile there normally I do not know.

Well, it seems plausible. LinkedIn has established a reputation of allegedly doing some seriously sleazy marketing tricks, including scraping users’ e-mail contacts and spamming them. (Oh, yes, they ask for the user’s consent first, but the claim is they do various things to make it hard for a user to not consent.) Also, they are alleged to sell a conflict of interest by allowing users to pay extra to put their profiles at the top of searches by employers, while simultaneously allowing employers to pay a premium for searches for the profiles best matching their requirements. See the conflict there?

I think we had a thread about this a year or so ago, in which I may have posted links to a number of news articles about that. Hang tight a bit, I’ll see if I can dig it up . . .

I’m having trouble understanding the mechanism for how this would even work.

Okay, here’s some background.

(1) This thread from October 2013. See, in particular, Posts 4 and 5.

(2) How do I prevent LinkedIn from spamming everyone in my address book? from September 2011. Pit-worthy ranting about LinkedIn doing shit like this, but also glowing testimonials from posters who found jobs or whatever there.

(3) Why I Hate Linkedin… from May 2013. More ranting about the spamming LinkedIn does.

(4) What’s the deal with LinkedIn? from October 2014. See posts 9, 18, and 31 in particular for relevant remarks and more links to articles about it.


Hope that all or some of the above links are still live.

Is it Kinkyescort?

My SDMB email account is only used with the SDMB. The email account is not used for anything else. I do the same with LinkedIn, my online bill-paying accounts, banking, pleasure, etc. Yes, that means I have maybe two dozen email accounts (each with their own password, too). I take privacy and security quite seriously.


Hehehe! I don’t know TD’s SDMB moniker but TD works for the US government in a most interesting capacity. If TD is a Doper, he’ll appreciate me leaving it at that.

She’ll be billing you for that!

That would explain a few “You May Knows” I got recently. Though it’s more likely they are scraping your Facebook friends - are you friends with any Dopers? A member of the SDMB group?

I am Facebook friends with one, and Linkedin hasn’t suggested her.

I don’t believe I’m a member of either group.