Has my email been compromised?

I just got an email from a website called ‘Worldventures’ about having an e-wallet account set up and asking to click through to confirm registration. I did not do this, and the name is not mine - it is nothing like it, and isn’t English sounding.

So, do I have anything to worry about? Did someone just have a similar email (my email is my surname and my first initial) and got muddled, or is this some kind of phishing?

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Do you know how to check the originating email address and how to check where a link goes to without opening it up? On my email client, if I hover over the link, it will show me the URL where it leads to without opening it. Does it look like it leads to something legitimate looking, or do you have some weird .ru (or other) address there?

People insert other people’s email addresses into online forms all the time. Tons of different reasons, including phishing.

Don’t worry about.