Has something weird happened lately to set off the Illuminati conspiracy theorists?

I feel like Illuminati conspiracy theories are on the rise. It seems like I’m seeing more and more comments on videos, articles, and pictures about the hidden Illuminati symbols or just general non-sequitur rants about the Illuminati.

It’s entirely plausible that this is confirmation bias, but I don’t feel like I’m any more or less aware of the existence of Illuminati conspiracy theories than I was, say, 2 years ago. Basically, I have no reason why I’d specifically noticing them now when I wasn’t back them.

Has anybody noticed this? Is there something I missed? Sure, with the recent mass shootings since Sandy Hook there’s been all the “false flag” nonsense, but it doesn’t seem like the false flag nutters are the same crowd as the Illuminati nutters. Or maybe I’m wrong and the exact argument is that the Illuminati wants to take our guns away.

Has anyone else noticed this? Am I the crazy one, spinning wild conspiracy theories about newfound prevalence of Illuminati conspiracy theories? Did some new movie about the Illuminati come out and fire the nonsense back up temporarily?

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School is out.

More time available for young and weird people to find the 90% of the Internet that is crap.

Illuminati was a very spiritual book a few years ago that I found inspiring. IT wasn’t until after Maryann Williamson’s book that I heard of the other. so theise things come and go in one’s conscientious.

Before going hard on you, what Illuminati are you talking about? There are many books, as for Maryann, well, whatever floats your boat, but in the few mentions of her from skeptical sites they not impressed by her.



Why didn’t **Rick **post anything?

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I think Marianne Williamson’s book was titled Illuminata.

One thing is that Jay-Z, Beyonce’, I think maybe P Diddy & other musicians have been making Triangles around their eyes to look all spooky. Also, each music awards show now seems to have at least one big mystical/spooky production that people can claim in Illuminati ritual.

Add to that the various young people shootings, whatever hijinks President Obama’s people have pulled recently, whatever crank wants to look important with a new conspiracy theory on YouTube. That pretty much sums it up.

Oh, funny thing- it wasn’t until the 1950s that anyone ever suggested the Eye in the Pyramid was an Illuminati symbol, said person being anti-Semitic Conspiracy author William Guy Carr. It never shows up in actual 1776-1785 historic Bavarian Illuminati materials.

I wholeheartedly recommend the book Perfectibilists by Terry Melanson as the best book on the historic Illuminati available.

This is what the Rosacrucians want you to think.

Only because that’s what the lizards are telling them.

Yeah, I’ve only seen this pop up around Beyoncé and Jay-Z after Blue Ivy was born. Peeps be cray.

I don’t particularly want to jump down the Google rabbit hole on JayZ, Beyonce and the Illuminati, so can someone please give me the brief on the extent of this nonsense?

On direct orders from the FEMA.

Like FEMA isn’t just following the lead of the Greys…

By reading this, you just became a Discordian Priest.

I realize this doesn’t answer the OP’s question, but keep in mind that conspiracy theorists are very easily set off. Maybe different types of conspiracy theories come into vogue at difference times.

Bring the beat back.

As long as they don’t try to immanentize the eschaton again, I’m cool with it.

Ewige Blumenkraft!

No, no, no.

Turn the beat AROUND.