Has Sonny's Blues (James Baldwin short story) ever been made into a movie/production?

I’ve been reading the James Baldwin short story Sonny’s Blues. This story is very vivid, and would seem to lend itself very well to being made into a screenplay or some other sort of theatrical production. I definitely feel a very strong pull for this inclination; I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has felt this as well. Has something been made from this? Thanks.

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You can answer this question easily by using the Internet Movie Database at the following URL:


If you put “James Baldwin” in the Cast/Crew Name Search, you get the following page:


As you can see, no movie or TV show has ever been made from “Sonny’s Blues.” I can’t tell if any page has ever been made from it.

Thanks muchly! I’ll remember this in the future.


I wrote:

> I can’t tell if any page has ever been made from it.

I’ve really got to proofread better. I meant that I don’t know if any play has been made from it.