Has Stallone ever played a bad guy before?

Just saw on the imdb that a movie’s being made of the Stephen King short story Dolan’s Cadillac, with Stallone in the role of Dolan, the bad guy of the piece.

First thing is, can anyone think of how they could make a movie out of this?

And second, well, see my subject :).

Sure. In the very first film that I saw him in, Woody Allen’s Bananas, he plays a subway punk who robs Allen. It’s funny to wach now, because although he was an unknown at the time, today everyone can recognize his face, so there are gasps of recognition running through the audience when he first appears.

Also, in Death Race 2000, he played Machinegun Joe Viturbo (sp), badguy.

If they can turn “The Lawnmower Man” from a 10 page short story into a 2 1/2 hour movie (the director’s cut anyway), they can do it with this one. The movie will probably focus on the backstory, which if they do, misses the point. “Dolan’s Cadillac” is King’s redo of “The Cask of Amantillado”, which never explained at all why the protaganist was seeking revenge.

Plus an assassin in “Assassins”.

He was the good assassin. Antonio was the bad one.

He mugged Jack Lemon in a movie once. I can’t remember what it was called, but Jack Lemon has a nervous breakdown after losing his job. Probably late 60’s early 70’s, but I don’t know.

That was “The Prisoner of Second Avenue”, and it was Lemmon who mugged Stallone.

Yeah, but I don’t see how this makes him a “bad guy?”

Oh? Are you acquainted with a number of saintly subway punks?

"The Lawnmower Man’ was much less than 10 pages - I seem to recall it only being 3 or maybe 4, and the movie was not made from the story, it had absolutely nothing to do with it, just had the same title.

Heh, no I meant that I hate Woody Allen. I’d probably mug him too.

It 's 10 pages in my paperback edition of * Night Shift *. I know the movie had nothing to do with the short story (aside from a scene where a guy * is * attacked by a lawnmower; I could be wrong it’s been a while since I saw the movie) . I was just making a smart-alek remark that if they can make a movie and invent a story where there was no story before, they can surely do it with “Dolan’s Cadillac”.

At best, the relationship of the story to that scene in Lawnmower man was superficial. At absolute best. Tsk, tsk. I don’t even see how King could have enjoyed having his good name mowed down in that one. sigh

As opposed to, say, Maximum Overdrive? ;j

Actually, he was pretty pissed off about it. I can’t recall if he went as far as legal action or just asked to have his name removed from promotional material, but he wasn’t happy about what they’d done with it.

We finally found out which of our members is really Mia Farrow!

Mug you long time.