Has the Internet got too big?

Personally,I think it has.
There is just so much stuff on it nowadays that it’s impossible to go from one subject to another,there’s so much available it’s just mindblowing.

And how do you propose to smallify it?

I was first on the Internet more than 20 years ago, before the World Wide Web, before web browsers, and before Google. There was a lot less on the net then – and it was much harder to find.

This is the most ridiculous idea I’ve heard in quite a while. The internet is a library. The only way a library can be too big is if some of the volumes are so far away from the reference desk that they can’t be accessed in a reasonable time. That is not the case for the internet.

We could hope for better librarians to help us select the worthwhile from among the crap, but that is an entirely separate question from whether it is too big. After all, some people like crap, and some people study crap, and some people study the people who produce crap.

Like so!

Yes, I understand that over-sized fonts accounts for the majority of wasted space on the internet!

I thought it was the over-sized breasts of porn actresses.

A common myth. Scientific studies prove breasts cannot be too large. Once the get beyond a certain size, they collapse under their own weight, which is self-correction for any size problems.

That’s not wasted space!

No, there are still categories of porn that are annoying difficult to get

How big is it, Jimi?

How many volumes of books would it fill? 100? 1,000? 10,000?
1 million?

The complete and unabridged version, I mean.

I myself am too sexy for my shirt.

So sexy it hurts!

I know exactly what you mean. I have no trouble finding pygmy sex videos, and just a bit of trouble finding goat sex videos, but I can’t seem to find any pygmy goat sex videos.

The Internet is vast and mostly lawless but there are still rules.

Rule 34

With a debigulator!

I need to clarify something before I start the cameras rolling. Are you referring to the subspecies of goat known as “pygmy goats”, or referring to human pygmies having sex with any and all breeds of goats?

Really, I can do either.

The former-I’m not a pervert.

So you’re ok with goat on goat? Straight goats? Gay and lesbian goats?

Or maybe you’re interested in just a little kink? Pygmy on Fainting goat? Goat on sheep? (Remember, the sheep push back!)

I can’t say if it is too big but I think that the quality of the bits on the internet has gone down since the early days. Nowadays they seem to let anyone at all shovel all sorts of questionable bits into it…

What? Is somebody worried that they now don’t have enough time to visit all the porn sites? :rolleyes: