Has the rule on altering quotes changed?

In this thread, ladyfoxfyre said:

Later, when moderating, Marley23 quoted her as saying:

This seems to be a clear violation of this rule.

The only other explanation I can think of is if ladyfoxfyre’s edit was to add the word ‘being’ before Marley saw it.

She posted at 7:12, then the post was edited at 7:15. Marley posted at 7:17, but he may have quoted it at 7:15 or earlier, so he may not have picked up the change. Or he just made a mistake in editing his post. I’m pretty sure he knows about the rule.

I checked the original versus the edited version (which mods can see), and that’s the rather obvious explanation. Marley quoted the original version, and then ladyfoxfire changed it after Marley had quoted it.

Why on Earth you would assume Marley made the change rather than ladyfoxfire I can’t imagine.

The rule hasn’t changed. This is closed.