Has the White House always been 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

The bowling alley is cool.

Hmm, valued at 326 million…I’ll offer 290 and see what they say.

Does the White House have its own unique zip code?

You could always rent! 1.76M/mo estimate.

20500, it appears.

Yes, it is 20500 in the middle of the 20006 zip code.

It’s very common for businesses and institutions that get large volumes of mail to have their own zip codes. Probably every city in the country has some.


I imagine they use the extended 4 digits to specify departments within the White House. Certain large buildings on my university campus have a unique 9 digit zip.

Must be tough to be a Japanese mailman.

Read Dave Barry’s book Dave Barry Does Japan about the difficulties of trying to find a address in Tokyo, and the total lack of beauty and sense to the streets, not to mention the total chaos of what stores you’ll find in the same area.

I believe that’s in order of construction on each block. As far as I know, only main streets were named, and most streets had no sort of name at all. The The fundamental units went something like “district”. “neighbourhood”, “block”, “building”.

I expect some actual Japan-dwellers will be along to correct me.

Yes, the Japanese addressing system is completely different from the western one. It is not based on street names because most streets do not have names.

I once had a horse with no name. Went riding through the desert on him, actually.

How about the phone number? Is it still PENNsylvania Six Five Oh Oh Oh…?

I don’t know if this is a whoosh, but that phone number in the song is talking about the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. And I have called the hotel and they do still use the number. They also have an instrumental version of the song playing as background music during your call.

Not intended as a whoosh. I always thought it was allegedly the White House phone number. Thanks for fighting my ignorance!

An interesting question is whether Washington always used what was later called the “Philadelphia style” addressing method, where house numbers match up with numbered cross streets. The best-known counterexample is Manhattan, where addresses on the avenues bear no obvious relationship to the cross streets. Today most of the country takes it for granted that 1601 Maple will be at the corner of 16th Street, but numbered streets were introduced in Chicago two decades before “Philadelphia style” house numbering was.

This page by the White House Historical Association has pix of the White House down through the years (and centuries), including the first photograph of it taken in 1846.

Thank goodness the basements were dug below ground.

The Lincoln bedroom, like every other room, can be only 66 years old at most, so if Lincoln slept there, he used a time machine.

In my neighborhood, that’s a teardown.

That is one of the most charming things I’ve seen on the internet. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I liked this bit:

For most practical purposes, it was a teardown. They literally hollowed out the building and only kept the exterior walls.