Has the World Gone Mad? Turkey on a Plane!

I’m almost at a loss for words.:eek:


If this effing turkey had been seating near me, I would have wrong it’s bloody neck, and asked for a seat a long ways from it.

Has the world gone crazy? Maybe this woman has gone crazy and that’s why she thinks a turkey will make her feel better. Well lady, you want to feel better, put the effing turkey in the oven and then serve turkey sandwiches to everyone.

This got my blood boiling.

I fixed your link.


I’ve had it with these motherfucking turkeys on this motherfucking plane!

“As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly…on an airplane.”

She stuffed a turkey into the seat?

She thought there was straw in there.

Where is ISIS when we need them? One good beheader needed!

Wattle they think of next?!

Adam Carolla’s podcast has frequently lamented the ridiculousness of so-called ‘service’ animals on airplanes. In particular he feels that people (women) are just using it as an excuse to bring their dogs with them without paying an extra baggage fee. A while back he jokingly asked Dr. Drew to write him a prescription for a ‘service pelican’ (which he would name Gilligan) to fly with him. Life imitating art…

On some flights I’ve been on, I would have preferred a turkey as my neighbor.

Plus seeing a turkey in a seat, on a plane, has gotta put a smile on your face.

I hear Samuel L. Jackson has bought the film rights to the story.

It HAS to be better than than that couple hundred pound “service” pig that was on a plane that squelled (well like a pig) and probably (shit like) a pig a few years back.

A New Yorker article about service animals you might enjoy.

In June, a miniature Yorkie caused a smaller stir, at a fancy Manhattan restaurant. From a Google review of Altesi Ristorante: “Lunch was ruined because Ivana Trump sat next to us with her dog which she even let climb to the table. I told her no dogs allowed but she lied that hers was a service dog.” I called the owner of Altesi, Paolo Alavian, who defended Trump. “She walked into the restaurant and she showed the emotional-support card,” he said.

To be fair, I can readily believe that anyone growing up in the Trump household is emotionally stunted.

I don’t see what the big deal is really. I’d much, much rather have a turkey sitting beside me than some big, stinky person who hogs the arm rest, has bad breath and wants to talk. As long as he isn’t pooping everywhere and isn’t bothering anyone, what’s the harm?

I highly doubt the turkey was wearing a diaper or was potty trained.

So how the hell do airlines handle these critters that could end up crapping whenever and wherever the urge hits them.

And do these animals get their own seat, and who pays for it?

As a general rule, if a specific person doesn’t pay for some service…everybody ELSE does.

Though, in a plane, unless it was absolutely packed full, the turkey just took an otherwise unused seat.

How do you know? When I was little, my aunt had a pet chicken. When she (Henrietta, the chicken) got old, my aunt put a diaper on her.

I don’t know the answer to that, do you?

Don’t know.

You’re the one whose “blood is boiling” over a turkey. Maybe you should do some research.

As an aside, when I heard about this the other day…I just had to make a turkey gooble gooble sound (which I do pretty damn good if I say so myself)…which apparently none of my three little rat dogs had ever heard before…

From the following events I can conclude that “gooble gooble” is LRD for “attack the shit out of your owner”

Ok this made me curious so I played turkey sounds for my budgies. They all froze for a second then started loudly PEEPing their little heads off.